"This Book Is Intended For the Men and Women Whoses Most Pressing Need is for Money!
Who Wish To Get Rich First, and Philosophize Afterward" -
"the Science of Getting Rich" - Wallace D. Wattles

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What exactly is the Book of Millionaires?

is a Mastermind Group, but also a Society.
Inside this group exists a ledger which all members, past and present are listed.

Adding your name to the Book of Millionaires serves 2 purposes:

Adding your name to the Book of Millionaires serves as an anchor. As law of attraction students, we are taught to visualize and feel as if we are already (that thing) we want. But actually being it is 100x more effective.  So being IN the Book of Millionaires along with the most successful people in the world, adds a dynamic to your affirmations and reality, that is not able to be achieved otherwise.

The second thing is ‘energy and frequency’.  We all have heard that association  is one of the key factors to success.  That’s the principle behind mentors and coaches.  Your frequency and vibration are what does the actual attracting.

Your thoughts and feelings help you get on the frequency and vibration of what you want.
That is why the saying “if you are associated with 4 poor friends, you will be number 5.
Equally, if you are associated with 5 rich friends, you will be number 5.
The Book of Millionaires, merely by association, puts you on the same frequency with the people listed.  This in return allows you to own and harness the frequency of success.  It’s exactly like being a member of a luxury club.  All the members enjoy special benefits and treatment because they are officially in the club.
This is how the Book of Millionaires works, if you are listed in the Book, along with the wealthiest people who have ever lived, the frequency alone is enough to attract the same success they are experiencing now.


The reason most people can’t ‘attract’ what they want (or permanently ‘attract’ what they want) is because nobody really attracts what they ‘want’. People attract what they ARE.   

That’s it!  You can actually stop reading right now, and you have more insight than 75% of the people studying the law of attraction.  You attract what you are.  

If you “Are” a person that has a frequency of lack, or low money, then no matter what you try to attract, you will get what comes along with this frequency.

This is why people say “hey, I didn’t attract the car accident, or I didn’t attract bad neighbors, or I didn’t attract nasty bill collectors.  No, you didn’t specifically think of that, but it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is what frequency are you on, what is your dominant frequency?



Frequency: The REAL Secret

Why is frequency so important?

When attempting to become a master creator, frequency is what you want to strive for, not necessarily manifestation.  Why?  Because frequency is the cheat code to manifestation.

When you are on the right frequency, you manifest without effort.

Think of a time when someone surprised you with a gift you really liked.  You didn’t visualize it, you didn’t say affirmations for it, it was a surprise.  This is simply because you were on the ‘frequency’ of the thing you wanted.

Think of rich people, they get gifts from others that are far more extravagant than what normal people get.  I know a guy, who for his birthday, got a motorcycle, a Rolex watch and several other high end gifts that normal people have to visualize and work for.  

So why did this guy attract it without even trying?  Because he is on the ‘frequency’ of wealth and abundance. And as we talked about, you get everything that comes along with that frequency, not just the things you actively work to create.

So frequency is the cheat code for having everything you want on autopilot, and the Book of Millionaires, puts everyone listed on that same frequency simply by association.

It’s all very, very simple, and this is something the elite have used for years with fraternities, with member’s clubs, etc, and the Book of Millionaires has them all listed and now anyone who finds it, is able to be a lifetime member for a limited time.  Once offline, it will be offline forever.


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"This really will change your life, but in a subtle way, things just start to go right when you register your name, almost like a good luck charm for your business"
-Maria L.

"All is can do is be grateful for finding the Book of Millionaires"
-Jacob A.

"Most people learn 'the Secret' but can't really have the success because they can't believe what's not there yet, well when you are in the Book, you REALLY ARE in the Book so your beleif is on a different level and your subconscious creates like crazy"
-Doug S.

"Your mind changes, your outlook changes, the People you meet changes, the things that happen to you changes"
-Jessica H.

"Life Changes so fast that you start to wonder if its a dream that you will wake up from"
-Tiffany D.

"I was struggling to really make a dent in the realestate game, even though my colleagues were doing well in the same market, one of them told me that they really believed that the Book of Millionaires was the reason things were working so well for him, I added my name, started the 90 day process and within 1 week I sold a house, 1 month I sold 3 houses, in 6 months i sold 7 houses and two of the houses were over $4 million.   I am exrtremely grateful for learning about
the Book of Millionaires"
-Dan T.

Are you qualified to Register?

The Page is for the people who have already been pre-qualified to enter and register their name (or the names of their loved ones) in the Book of Millionaires.


If you have not checked the requirements for the Book of Millionaires then do so HERE


If you have checked the requirements and you qualify, please proceed below.

The book of (3)

"Being in the Book of Millionaires is the one thing that is recommended for everyone who is on the path to creating wealth"
-David H.

When I joined the Book of Millionaires, I felt difference... I expected to win.. I did
-Ramon S.

"I became very successful when I registered, but not just because I registered, but because after registering, I started to see things much differently, I was attracting things much faster, and I felt empowered in a way that changed me."
-Gautam A.

I can't say enough about finding and adding my name to the Book of Millionaires,
everything just seems easier, Luck is on your side.
- Jyoti B.

"This is the first thing I've tried that made me feel like I had  power , that is when I started to believe in my future, I am now officially a Millionaire and have been asked to join the Council of the Book of Millionaires"
-Megha P.

"I found the Book of Millionaires while researching Bob Proctor, I had just lost my job, I was trying hard do find something that worked because I was running out of options. I registered and didn't do anything but the affirmations and set up a Pinterest board. I manifested almost everything on that board and I currently have over $200,000 when I was jobless 8 months ago.."
-Adam P.

What's Inside the Millionaire's Area?
You Reprogram your own Subconscious for Permanent Wealth

Since the Book of Millionaires online version in 2021 launched,  there were 10 MILLION NEW MILLIONAIRES in 12 months! 56.1 millionaires in 2022


660 NEW BILLIONAIRES in 12 months!

2755, 2021  660 13.1 trillion.  86% of the Billionaires had more wealth than in 2020


10 Million new Millionaires Added in 2021

660 New Billionaires Added in 2021

90 day process for Money and Wealth

Learn how to attract an amount and keep permanently.

Learn how to attract an amount and keep permanently.

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Learn all the aspects to change your, and your family's life forever

Since the Book of Millionaires online version in 2021 launched,  there were 10 MILLION NEW MILLIONAIRES in 12 months! 56.1 millionaires in 2022

660 NEW BILLIONAIRES in 12 months!

As the pandemic subsides, there is a New Beginning for Millions of People!

"In my country, it is very hard to become wealthy, But I always believed in myself always, after I registered my name in the Book of Millionaires, 1 week later I met a woman online who needed my help on a project. I worked with her for 2 weeks and she asked me if I was interested in helping her fulltime. She gave me a $200,000 contract for 2 year ($100,000 per year). I have already starteded a 2nd contract with another person from the U.S.A for a large sum of money. I am on my way to being a millionaire."
- Germanico R.

"I really didn't know what to expect when I registered my namein
the Book of Millionaires, but what happens is simple, You feel secure, you feel confident, you feel like you can attract anything, and you do start to attract more and more.  I practice the techniques everyday and I manifest faster and faster.  Im the most grateful person alive because this is what I've been looking for." 
- Agustina M.

"The Book of Millionaires affirmations are now my daily life.  I can't get them out of my head, and that is how I know I can manifest on autopilot.  Things are natural now, no 'trying to manifest and that is when true manifestation begins."
- Dimitar K.

"I had a hard time with making things happen.  I have studied the LOAs and I had done a pretty good job working on myself and my thoughts, but still, I would have difficulty with money specifically.  I registered my name in the Book of Millionaires just hoping for the best, but just 2 months later, I met another member online and he was a millionaire already, he mentored me on my business and also gave me funding. 6 months later we had over 1 million in revenue... all I can do is give thanks"
- Claudio M.