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The Book of Millionaires Member's area is one of the most user friendly, simple, and yet powerful members areas for upgrading and shifting paradigms.

The member's area contains, the legendary 90 day processes for permanent Wealth and Abundance, Healing and Health, Relationships and Friendships.

You get All Three 90 day process to use as many times as you want for any area of life..

The tools and resources are constantly updated.
The Council of the Book of Millionaires are consistently adding and approving material that give the members the energy that has been missing.
The Member's area is FREE for 30 days, and then it is only $7 per month.

Check your email for login details to experience the member's Millionaires area.

You can cancel at anytime.

*Don't let the low fee fool you, the 90 day processes have been approved by the council and that doesn't happen lightly.

The Council is bringing this to the average person, who seeks the information knowledge.

Money is energy, not an obstacle.  Money should not be the barrier to knowledge.


Cancelling the member's area does not affect your Book of Millionaires status.
Once entered, you remain in the Book for Life.


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